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5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned by Adding a Room to Our House

Too many times our contractor has had his workers elsewhere, leaving our home untouched for days at a time. Adding a room to your home, however, is full of delays from everyone involved who have their own timeline for completing work. We partly deal with this by expecting the addition to be done a month later than expected, maybe more if it keeps raining. But spring is here and dry days are ahead of us. Optimism is cheap and will hopefully pay off soon. Nice insights, and plenty of stumbles along the way. We added on sq. For lunch, it was pizza or sandwiches.

Home Addition Costs | Cost To Add A Room Per Square Foot

We did this for the entire twelve weeks of construction. Every trade got fed. At the end of the day, I cleaned after them while they were having couple of beers which I had provided. The end result? The foreman told me his guys loved coming to work on this project because we took so good care of them.

The home improvements that add value to your property

City inspections went smoothly and the work was done ahead of schedule. The owner of the construction company came by after the workers were all done to collect the final check. On his way out he told me that this was the first job that went the smoothest and not a single construction cost over-run. I just no kidding, but you have an amazing crew. They did the work without charging me for the change order.

My parents taught me this hospitality skill to host the workers when they come and work on your house. I enjoyed your post. My wife and I put on a sq ft addition on our house in It was exciting, but there were issues. We started in May and one member of the two-man crew cut a tendon in his hand. They did not start back up until September. They ended up putting the new roof on two days before Hurricane Sandy hit.

Fortunately there were not any leaks. There was drama and unforeseen costs, but it was worth it. We enjoy our new room. That sounds like the worst-case scenario. Having gone through these kinds of things, in my view it always takes twice as much as estimated and takes twice as long as estimated. Thanks for the encouragement.


The contractors on our most recent renovation were expert craftsmen, but terrible project managers. It made for a stressful project. They are now the go-to contractors for one of the popular HGTV shows. I never expected perfection, but some of these delays are just laziness. Great post!! I am considering adding a room, possibly even an additional floor to our home at some point and this had great insight!

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Adding an extra bedroom can be costly so make sure you discuss the overall costs with your contractor and discuss all options before making up your mind. Facebook Twitter YouTube Pinterest.

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Extension The most obvious solution is to opt for a home extension. Other Options If your children require private spaces, then you can look for other options like using dividers to provide separate spaces, with folding beds, or multi-purpose dividers.

Basic Bedroom Addition

WordPress Image Lightbox Plugin. Toggle navigation. Where to add an extra bedroom By far the most common place to add another bedroom in the house is upstairs. Finding space here is not always easy, of course, but there are usually options available. Divide and conquer One great way to create an extra bedroom is to split an existing one in two, where space allows of course.

Convert the space A great way to create an extra bedroom is to use the loft or attic space of course. Three benefits of a modern conservatory. What goes into the process of commercial building? Three reasons to convert your basement. Top efficiency tips for renovating your home.

Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room
Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room
Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room
Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room
Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room
Adding that extra Room Adding that extra Room

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