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All Love for Teachers: A Manual for Teaching Sekhem-Seichim-Reiki and SKHM

The workshop and follow-up will be facilitated by Loesja Klimczak see cv included and assisted by Rina Bastiaansen. Who we may have been and how that makes up what we are now is a subject that fascinates many of us. For many of us in the West going into a trance like state to access our past lives holds a deep attraction. But what use it to us and why should we go make the effort?

What will we gain from the experience? These cultures prefer to retain the belief that each individual is the sum of his or her past life experiences and actions without the need to delve into them. So what are we doing? Having experienced regression in a few different ways I have realised that, unfortunately, all too often past-life regression can be in danger of becoming simply another form of entertainment finding out who we once were, as opposed to watching the latest plot developments on East Enders.

I had read books written on the subject by well known therapists such as Brian Weiss and John Woolger and been left rather perplexed by their assertions that it speeded ordinary psychological therapy up by months, sometimes even years, allowing their patients to recover and release trauma from their lives astonishingly quickly. My own experiences had been ones where I was taken to places using my head only, and sometimes encouraged to fly above the earth with dates, countries, places, my physical identity and name being of utmost importance.

They were interesting and sometimes quite entertaining occasions, but nothing more. Then I was regressed properly. I met Loesja Klimczak, a regression therapist and teacher based in Belgium, last year. When she mentioned what she did I was rather intrigued : here was a down to earth healer using past life therapy, explaining the great results she had with clients, rather like Woolger and Weiss had done in their books.

Healing yourself with All Love energy

Loesja explained to me that regressing someone gives their body the chance to tell its story - whether it is a real lived event or simply the unconscious using metaphors is actually irrelevant. Her experience as a therapist and teacher leads her to believe that these past lives are very real, but that belief has no bearing on the results of the technique itself. Not being someone who is particularly convinced about past lives but a positive fanatic of metaphor, I decided to try. My first surprise was that rather than simply delving in to see what was there, Loesja got me to concentrate on an issue in my life that I was unhappy with and wanted to investigate using regression.

Everything from physical health problems to fears, phobias or simply limitations people feel they are putting on themselves, can be helped using regression and Loesja gave me many examples of what people had been helped with. Once I had decided, I was taken through a simple meditation looking back at my whole life to before my birth and then coming back to the present.

After that, we began to walk. By making her clients walk through their present life and into their past it enables them to stay in their body and access their cellular memory. This prevents them remaining in their heads and turning the session into an exercise in imagination.

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The emphasis is on allowing the body to experience the realities of the emotions and trauma being expressed, to live the life rather than simply talk about it. I found it to be a very impressive way of working. Rather than telling a humdrum story about a past life I was observing in my minds eye, I was thrown into a world where I was actively participating in events and living the raw emotion that accompanied them.

My present life as a complementary therapist is nowhere near as melodramatic as the two I lived out during this session.

I have never been a mercenary soldier killing out of pure empty rage, nor do I imagine that I will be burned alive on my husbands funeral pyre. Living these stories seemed to enable my body to release great chunks of emotional and energetic blocks giving me the opportunity to first feel the helpless victim of extreme circumstance and then experience pure rage against the world.

So, instead of sticking to one particular archetypal form, I just keep it very general rather than focussing in on one or the other. In a class I may have one woman who will say, Oh, I see Sekmet and another will say, Oh, I see Isis and another will say they see something else and it really depends upon what they are comfortable with.

I have one lady experi7.

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Do you see the energy as a means of remembering who we are, through a connection to source? A couple of people have spoken to me about it, in conjunction with the past life aspect. Is this just another way of experiencing the energy or is this how you see it? Thats a part of it, the All Love which comes from a Sufi tradition. They do a dance, we also do it in some of this work as well, where it is called Zikher, it is also spelt with a D with the Arabic alphabet there are different ways it can be translated and also in Arabic they will pronounce their Zs and Ds differently, depending on the dialect.

So this is the dance of all love?

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Well, the All Love we work with, some of that work came from the Sufis, who were in Egypt and in a sense that energy that they were working with came from Egyptian times, so it evolved in their style. Now what Ive done is kind of taken their style and molded it back to a form that we are comfortable with and that I find most Westerners comfortable with.

So, you said Zikher means Remembrance, yes. You know, people do all this meditation, and spiritual work and everything, and somehow find God, or find enlightenment. In the Sufi tradition its there; all you need do is remember, its that simple to remember. You know that every night we go to heaven; we go into an enlightened state every night, we just dont remember.

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So if you cant remember, then just begin to allow yourself to remember, and every night you will have that experience and bring it back. I have read about two other people, Elizabeth Haich and Earlyne Chaney, who have had an initiation while spending time in the pyramid. Had you heard about other people having a similar experience to yours?

Well definitely, I was interested in it because I had heard about Napoleon spending the night there and having a vision, as well as possibly Alexander the Great I had heard that this was something that happened to them and so I was attracted to it. Other people have gone there and had experiences as well. Not all of the people have come back and begun to teach what they experienced, and not all have been able to put it out there as I have.

Of course since my story and other stories have come out it has attracted 8. You know, its possible, that they are teaching some form of that. However, with what I am currently teaching, my experience in the pyramid is just a very small part of it, so those people couldnt possibly be teaching the whole range of what I am doing now.

I do feel that the early experience I had was what I call pilgrimage, and part of that is that youre developing along the way. Before I went to the pyramid, I was working with the energy to a certain degree. Going to the pyramid was something I had always wanted to do, since I was a child, and when I did go, it focussed a lot of my awareness at that point in time; things all worked together, resulting in that experience. And a person can do this with other experiences, it is done in major religions. For example, Muslims want to go to Mecca, and when they go to Mecca, they have a religious experience; if youre Hindu, you can go to a sacred mountain.

We put a lot of energy in these points of time, and it turns out that when you reach them, you have a spiritual experience. It has a lot to do with that in the pyramid.

Seichem (Sekhem) Healing Level 1 Training (£65)

Ive had much greater experiences since then, you know, its just not the pyramid, people can have that without the pyramid. So it was really like a catalyst? Yes, the pyramid helped support that. I have also read that during the Enlightenment, there were in fact tours to the pyramid for that reason, it was quite a big thing during the 16th century.

All Love, SKHM Manual

No I hadnt heard that, but I can imagine. A lot of the Masonic teachings talk about this. Yes, that is very true. A lot of it ended up in England. There were very strong Egyptian connections with the crusaders and Masons. You have spoken about a few people who were quite critical when your story came out and one lady in fact did a background check on you. How did you feel about that, did she actually approach you and question you directly or was this all done behind the scenes? Oh, she does a lot of stuff behind the scenes, you know, one particular lady has always been quite critical of just about anything I do but she was that way with everyone so I wasnt completely singled out.

What happened was that she wanted to teach Seichim, and, because not everyone knew that I was the one who had started it, there was a kind of a vacuum at one point. I wasnt promoting or putting out large advertisements or things like that, so, many people thought that they could become a teacher of this system. Even once I got onto the internet, which gave me free access to speak and let everyone know, there was a very, very small group of people, maybe three or four, who decided that they would try to say that I.

All Love, SKHM Manual All Love, SKHM Manual
All Love, SKHM Manual All Love, SKHM Manual
All Love, SKHM Manual All Love, SKHM Manual
All Love, SKHM Manual All Love, SKHM Manual
All Love, SKHM Manual All Love, SKHM Manual

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