Anger in the Air

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It was a lottery system, although if you were a famous actor you always won the lottery. I argued that I wanted to be an exception, not the rule. A supervisor asked me and the man who had tried to defend me to leave the plane. Rudeness to staff would not be tolerated, said the supervisor.

And this is how the rudeness goes. Try travelling British Airways club class and leaving your phone or a handbag or a book on the floor beside you. Everything must be cleared away because that phone could kill somebody. And the blanket they give you is this quilted thing, shaped like a coffin. It was still dried up and bland.

Is all this rage pervading the country genuine and righteous?

Why is it that no matter what class you are travelling in on BA and Virgin, they give you slop? Nothing you can do about it. In BA first, though, the space is better and you get a blue velvet Anya Hindmarch bag with moisturisers. And you get the class system going the other way. You get reverence, obsequiousness. At this point my travelling companion had gone purple with embarrassment.

TD was pleased. I say what I feel. Once I led a revolt. A Virgin plane turned back halfway across the Atlantic because its hydraulic system had failed. We were on the tarmac. This was nonsense. Who needs to be on a plane for 24 hours? I said it was inhumane, so several of us were allowed off. It diminishes you. The trolley dollies were like waiters in the Ivy, always there when you wanted them, anticipating your every need but never in your face. The food, created by Peter Gordon, was absolutely delicious. Even the raspberry ice cream was homemade. They never demanded to take away your headsets or turn anything on or off.

They just let you be. Nobody wants to be put in their place; rather they want to grow out of it. Charles Day.

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Robert Peston. James Kirkup. Ross Clark.

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Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air
Anger in the Air Anger in the Air

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