Helping Children to be Strong

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You ask her to stay near you at the store…she bolts the second you walk in the door. You try to play with her…she corrects and directs your every move. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp more information. I was so skeptical at first. How can something as simple as "The Narrator Technique" do anything?

I was wrong! After one try, my daughter started listening better and out of nowhere told me that she was going to do the thing we'd been arguing about all week. She still has her moments and I'm definitely not saying that this technique was a miracle cure-all or anything, but she made huge changes in one day and they've lasted for a few weeks. Mom of 3-Year-Old Girl. It's natural to want to prevent your child from getting hurt, feeling discouraged, or making mistakes, but when you intervene -- trying to get her invited to a birthday party she wasn't included in, or pressuring the soccer coach to give her more game time -- you're not doing her any favors.

Kids need to know that it's okay to fail, and that it's normal to feel sad, anxious, or angry, says Robert Brooks, PhD, coauthor of Raising Resilient Children. They learn to succeed by overcoming obstacles, not by having you remove them. She even encourages parents to make their own little mistakes on purpose.

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When your child gets the chance to make choices from a young age, he'll gain confidence in his own good judgment. Of course, kids love to run the show, but having too much control can be overwhelming; it's best to give your child two or three options to choose from. For example, don't ask your 3-year-old what he wants for lunch, but offer pasta or peanut butter and jelly. At the same time, let your child know certain choices are up to you. Gloria Kushel's 8-year-old daughter, Caroline, likes to dress like a boy and wear her hair cropped short.

How To Toughen Up Your Child - ParentingForBrain

If your child tends to feel defeated by disappointments, help her be more optimistic. Instead of offering glib reassurances to "look on the bright side," encourage her to think about specific ways to improve a situation and bring her closer to her goals, says Karen Reivich, PhD, coauthor of The Optimistic Child.

Helping Children Stay Mentally Strong

If she's behind her classmates in reading, explain that everyone learns at her own pace, and offer to spend extra time reading with her. If she's crushed because she didn't get the lead in the second-grade play, don't say, "Well, I think you're a star. Let's come up with a plan for how you can increase the chances of getting the part you want next time.

How Do You Help Your Kids Finish Strong?

Try to expose your child to a wide variety of activities, and encourage him when he finds something he really loves. Kids who have a passion -- whether it's dinosaurs or cooking -- feel proud of their expertise and are more likely to be successful in other areas of their life. This really motivates her. Wendy of Hip Homeschool Moms We try to "save up" vacation days throughout the year so we can miss more days toward the end of the year. During all those nasty cold winter days when we don't want to be outside anyway, we try to get a lot of schoolwork done. Then, when it's a particularly nice spring day, we skip school and go outside!

If we just can't skip school that day, we take our schoolwork outside and enjoy being in the sunshine even while we're working. Because we homeschool, we make time to get outside for sanity breaks. During a regular school day, we take two thirty-minute breaks outside -- one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

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Taking them at the same time every day helps us make it through our work. One afternoon a week, we move school outside.

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Sometimes this means we go hiking with our art journals and we paint cherry blossoms or work on botany diagrams. We'll read our historical fiction on the trampoline. Once in a while, we'll call our friends, meet up at the park, and play a game of baseball in the grass.

How to Raise Mentally Strong Kids

Our schooling survives spring fever because we embrace it by scheduling time to be out learning and playing in God's great creation. Heather of Learning As We Grow Growing As We Learn We memorize verses like Phillipians , and remind them that they have worked hard and it is important to finish what they have started.

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