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Science , — Zangerl, A. Furanocoumarin induction in wild parsnip: evidence for an induced defense against herbivores. Ecology 71 , — Agrawal, A. Induced responses to herbivory and increased plant performance. Baldwin, I. Rapid changes in tree leaf chemistry induced by damage: evidence for communication between plants.

Do Trees Talk to Each Other? | Science | Smithsonian

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Simard, S.

Mycorrhizal networks: mechanisms, ecology and modelling. Fungal Biol.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal networks: process and functions. A review

Giovannetti, M. At the root of the wood wide web. Self recognition and non-self incompatibility in mycorrhizal networks. Plant Signal. Selosse, M. Mycorrhizal networks, des liaisons dangereuses? Leake, J. Networks of power and influence, the role of mycorrhizal mycelium in controlling plant communities and agroecosystem functioning.

He, X. Use of 15 N stable isotope to quantify nitrogen transfer between mycorrhizal plants. Plant Ecol. Ren, L. Role of arbuscular mycorrhizal network in carbon and phosphorus transfer between plants. Soils 49 , 3—11 Socialism in soil? The importance of mycorrhizal fungal networks for facilitation in natural ecosystems. Song, Y. Interplant communication of tomato plants through underground common mycorrhizal networks. Barto, K. Fungal superhighways: do common mycorrhizal networks enhance below ground communication?

Trends Plant Sci. Browse, J. New weapons and a rapid response against insect attack. Howe, G. Plant immunity to herbivores. Hause, B. The role of jasmonates in mutualistic symbioses between plants and soil-born microorganisms.

The Earth's Internet: How Fungi Help Plants Communicate

Phytochemistry 70 , — Rapid nitrogen transfer from ectomycorrhizal pines to adjacent ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal plants in a California oak woodland. New Phytol. Barto, E. The Fungal Fast lane: Common mycorrhizal networks extend bioactive zones of allelochemicals in soils. Engelberth, J. Airborne signals prime plants against insect herbivore attack.

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USA , — Conrath, U. Priming: getting ready for battle.

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Plant Microbe Interact. Kessler, A. Priming of plant defense responses in nature by airborne signaling between Artemisia tridentata and Nicotiana attenuata. Oecologia , — Dicke, M. Within-plant circulation of systemic elicitor of induced defence and release from roots of elicitor that affects neighbouring plants. Guerrieri, E. Plant-to-plant communication mediating in-flight orientation of Aphidius ervi. Rasmann, S. In Biodiversity of fungi. Edited by G.

Mueller, G. Bills, and M.

How do mycorrhizae work?

Does proximity to mature trees influence ectomycorrhizal fungus communities of Douglas-fir seedlings? A reliable method of analyzing dietaries of mycophagous small mammals. Connell, J. On the role of natural enemies in preventing competitive exclusion in some marine animals and in rain forest trees. In Dynamics of populations. Edited by P. Den Boer and G. Crawford, R. Plants at the margin. Oak woodland restoration: understory response to removal of encroaching conifers. Ectomycorrhizal fungal communities at forest edges.

Is oak establishment in old-fields and savanna openings context dependent? Common mycorrhizal networks provide a potential pathway for the transfer of hydraulically lifted water between plants. Fogel R. Vegetazione Mediterr. Fogel R, Trappe JM.


Fungus consumption mycophagy by small animals. Northwest Sci. Frank, J. Complex mutualism in an Oregon white oak woodland: hypogeous fungi, mycorrhizas and small mammal mycophagy. Mammal mycophagy and dispersal of mycorrhizal inoculum in Oregon white oak woodlands.

NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi Tuber quercicola and Tuber whetstonense , new species from Oregon, and Tuber candidum redescribed. NATS truffle and truffle-like fungi Pachyphloeus austro-oregonensis , a new species from southern Oregon. Oaks belowground: mycorrhizas, truffles and small mammals. In Proceedings of the sixth California oak symposium: today's challenges, tomorrow's opportunities.

Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks
Mycorrhizal Networks Mycorrhizal Networks

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