Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism

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Pages: 69— Pages: 89— Pages: — Biographical Note Natalia Tsvetkova , Ph. Groningen University, The Netherlands, , and St.

Regenerating the Jewish Community of Colonial Tunis

Petersburg State University, Russia. She has published monographs and articles on the cultural Cold War and on current public diplomacy. II Americans and Soviets in the defeated Germany: the division of the country, Occupation administrations, and their transformation strategies for German universities III American and Soviet structural transformations in German universities, through the early s IV American and Soviet policy towards the university professoriate, through the early s V German students in American and Soviet policy, through the early s VI American and Soviet policy in German universities, mids to German university conservatism, and the failure of American and Soviet cultural imperialism Conclusion Bibliography Index.

Foreigners were simply irrelevant. To be sure, these attitudes began to change around the turn of the century.

Imperialism: Crash Course World History #35

In , America became an empire with colonies, foreign investments and imperial lifelines to defend. Theodore Roosevelt built the Great White Fleet and sent it around the world to advertise American military might. Gunboat diplomacy south of the Rio Grande began to make the Monroe Doctrine something more than a pious exhortation. And yet, when war broke out in Europe in the late summer of , there was almost nobody in the United States who wished to become involved.

Isolationism dominated the '20s and '30s down almost to the outbreak of war in None of this should have surprised anyone with more than a casual knowledge of American history. Intense satisfaction with the way of life has always gone hand in hand with a high degree of apathy toward foreigners and their problems.

Few Americans study and even fewer ever master a foreign language. Schools and teach very little history other than American history. The American taxpayer has come to believe that his prized way of life will never be understood, much less embraced, by the rest of the world; he is convinced that most of mankind will forevor remain of its blessings. Profoundly reluctant to finance what he.

Epidemics and History: Disease, Power and Imperialism | Reviews in History

Besides, there seems little point in subsidizing a costly American cultural presence abroad when the forces of the market-place are already doing such an effective job of selling thte products of cultural industries. In addition, a number of special some of them technological, come into play. Furthermore, the consumption of American artifacts films, comic books, records, videotapes, soft drinks and so on — in contrast to the situation confronted by British and French cultural colonizers in their time — does not depend to any great extent on the implanting of language competence : movies can be dubbed, and other forms of American popular culture make use of words, relying far more heavily on visual images and other types of direct sensory stimulation.

The passing of the Age of as we are at last beginning to see, has hastened the demise of older cultural imperialisms based on formal education and the printed word while opening the floodgates to inundate the world's masses with the minimal culture of Disneyland, Nashville and Dallas. Most cultivated persons will find this outlook uninspiring. Nor is it likely that much, if anything, can be done to brighten the picture.

What is certain, at any rate, is that there will be little hope of events so long as we persist in looking for the keys to the in the wrong places. We should begin by understanding that John Winthrop, R. It is time we let them off the hook and turned our attention to more relevant matters.

Paris : Publications de la Sorbonne, But his account should be supplemented by the able and well-documented Marxist interpretation by Herbert Schiller, Mass Communications and American Empire. New York : Augustus M.

Kelley, It is an idle and futile exercise for intellectuals to attack the quality of broadcast programs, whether radio or television. Of course, there is a much larger audience for rock music than for Beethoven's last quartets, and there is no question that situation comedy and violence have far more mass appeal than serious documentary inquiries into the state of the nation.

Science, Medicine, and Cultural Imperialism

As this history of the media has shown, the broadening of the mass audience has been accompanied by an inevitable [sic! That is an inescapable fact of life.

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Crowell, c. During and something like an avalanche of surveys, studies, panels and polemics has made the American public acutely aware of the failings of their educational system.

  1. Lonely Planet England (7th Edition).
  2. Quadratic Forms With Applns to Algebraic Geometry and Topology.
  3. Ego, Attachment and Liberation.

In the following months, upwards of a dozen more or less prestigious foundations, teachers' organizations, university experts, pollsters and groups of businessmen have rushed to endorse, expand or particularize this sweeping indictment and to demand drastic action at all governmental and societal levels to restore standards lest the U. The list is too long to be given here.

The fact that the educational stations have to struggle for their lives is proof that most viewers do not want culture and education from the tube Tebbel, The Media in America, op. A large body of writing, very uneven in quality, has grown up since the s to document, defend or denounce the mass media, particularly the movies and television.

A right to health: medicine as Western cultural imperialism?

Some authors implausibly deny that the media have had any discernible impact at all on the schools, the kind and amount of crime or the quality of life in general ; others optimistically insist that good effects outweigh the bad. But the dominant tendency, particularly since Vance Packard's The Hidden Persuaders , has been to acknowledge and even to exaggerate the bad effects of the media, often arguing fatalistically that nothing can be done to remedy the situation see, for example, the excerpts from J.

Concern for the rights and safety of individuals has caused clinical researchers to develop informed consent protocols for research involving human subjects. The applicapability of these regulations to social science research is often tenuous, since such research usually focuses on populations rather than individuals, and potential damage is apt to be political rather than personal.

In cross-cultural social research, the protocols developed by Western clinical researchers may be not only ludicrously inapplicable, but intrusive and disruptive within the cultural context, raising questions of the intellectual imperialism of Western research ethics. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism
Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism
Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism
Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism
Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism Science, Medicine and Cultural Imperialism

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