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People judge how much they should trust another person after only just meeting them.

Grab your copy of Three Seconds and welcome the next big thing to America. Mobsters, drug dealers, corruption and loads of action.

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This is pure straight up Crime Fiction, no chaser, no apologies. There is the same obsessive detail, the same corruption of the authorities, and even Larsson's tactic of the slow introductory chapters that suddenly shift into a higher gear. Three Seconds is no dumbed-down blockbuster.

A visceral, demanding read filled with the kind of insider knowledge that raises it from the pack. Although the story of Piet Hoffman was what kept my adrenalin pumping, the whole issue of the government lies that Grens uncovers was quite compelling as well. I found Three Seconds to be an engrossing and exciting read. The translation by Kari Dickson is so smooth as to be completely unobtrusive. If you liked the Millennium Trilogy, you'll love this. In addition, it is dreadfully suspenseful. And I would be pretty surprised.

They write about a cold, violent world that most of us know nothing about. And [they do it] with such devilish skill and engagement that I read their nearly page book in one sitting.


In addition, [ Three Seconds ] is undoubtedly their best book so far. So it would certainly be appropriate to award the dazzling duo, that keep the banner flying for Swedish, socially conscious thrillers, once again. But those nocturnal hours could not have been spent in a better way. You are without a doubt superior in the Swedish crime genre and you keep your readers in a tight grip that one neither can nor wants to get out of.

Review Of "Three Seconds" By Anders Roslund And Börge Hellström

The plot is extraordinarily strong. The angle [on it] is created to really engage the reader in the issue from every viewpoint. And at the same time the dramaturgical structure is brilliant. We have been experiencing some problems with subscriber log-ins and apologise for the inconvenience caused. Until we resolve the issues, subscribers need not log in to access ST Digital articles. But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. Skip to main content. Tan Tam Mei. Related Stories:.

Review Of “Three Seconds” By Anders Roslund And Börge Hellström

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on June 20, , with the headline 'Order given to save NSF three seconds after fatal push'. Print Edition Subscribe.

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  • The drug deal turns violent. A second police informant, who is Danish, is killed by the mobsters. Piet escapes and is on the run. To add to his troubles he is saddled with the trumped-up criminal record that the police created for him, so that he appears to be a much more dangerous character than he actually is. And Piet, though a stereotypically devoted family man, knows that he is headed for prison.

    View all New York Times newsletters. He warms them until they open. He inserts a packet of amphetamines inside each flower. He then cools the flowers at exactly the temperature that will keep them shut for 24 hours, by which time they will be on the desk of a prison official, ostensibly as a gift from local businessmen. Fans of the genre are more apt to appreciate the devilishness of such plot details than the tiresome, vaguely flawed character development that comes with them.

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    Perhaps something is lost in translation. Grens is in deep mourning for his wife, who spent much of her life in a nursing home after being accidentally run over by her husband. Grens is obsessed with a vintage Swedish pop singer who means more to him than she will to you. He is a loner who lies on the floor a lot. But he has the aura of a beloved curmudgeon, and he is liable to be back in other half-decent Millennium knockoffs along the lines of this one.

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